"It’s kind of cute, really." Chuckles.

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Since he had been given something, he supposed he could give something in return. Having heard that there a festivity related to a strange bunny, he thought it would be a good idea to give the man a cute little bunny. Just a Braille (?) note. "Don't eat it. And if you do, wait until he gets a bit older. He's kind of cute though. He's white and black. I thought it suited you."


Now that was everything that Kaname would never had expected. At all. He had indeed gifted the white God with some unnecessary candy, but it was mostly because it would probably be the polite thing to do, despite their not-nice-at-all relationship. But he definitely was not really expecting anything in return, and he definitely was not exepcting a rabbit.

At least not a real one.

Truth be told, for the first couple of minutes he had absolutely no idea what to do with it. He stood there, note in hand, and sightless eyes slightly widened in surprise. It took him long minutes before he finally let out a sigh and reached out a hand to let gloved fingers brush against the rabbit’s ears.

The little animal reacted right away, turning towards Kaname’s hand and nuzzling against his fingers—and it was enough to kind of melt his heart. It was not the rabbit’s fault after all, and Kaname could appreciate some company. He was sure Byakuran’s presence would vanish with time.

Taking the little ball of fluff in his arms, Kaname sighed and went back to petting it. Now he had to think of a name—and go after some carrots, apparently.

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The two of them were so cute~ 

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Sculptures by Livio Scarpella 

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Well it’s more pain in the rectum. Take that as you will.

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"You said you wanted it rough… Rough it is." He winked evilly.


"I’d prefer not to have a permanent injury, thank you very much."

"I will try to not make it permanent." He bit the man’s neck, even if softly. He would try to behave.
… Nope.

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Daddy dearest


Shougo glanced at his father, one eyebrow raised, before he chuckled quietly. There were times when he had to wonder which one between the two of them was the real child. Then again - he loved his papa just like this and no differently.

They come to me themselves, the poor things. And I see no reason to refuse, since they are so willing." he hummed in thought, wondering about Kougami-kun and how the man seemed to deny everything that happened between the two of them. "Yes is. And I just think he’s a bit shy. But… that just makes this game so much more interesting.


Of course, since the man he was currently pinning after was a police officer, Enforcer even, Shougo was aware that there would be more than just the usual complications in pursuing this new addiction of his. But, since when does he turn away from something this exciting and interesting?

He smiled at his father, “Oh, far from it, papa. He is different from the rest of the imbeciles living in this city. Kougami-kun makes my life here so much more interesting." In more than one way.

Byakuran smiled as kindly as he could, hearing his son. It seemed that he was more than interested in this man and it was an amusing fact by its own. Shogo’s interests did change too often, but it seemed that in this case there was something deeper in between them.

"That’s nice then. Sometimes it is difficult to find out something worthy in between so much rubbish, but I’m glad you did. If I didn’t know you better…" He approached to his son’s ear and muttered into it. "I’d say you’re falling in love, Shogo-kun." That would be truly entertaining.

"Anyway, I’m sure that all the troubles will be worth of it, if you think so. You’re smart and know what you want, so I have no reason to be worried about it." In the end, Shogo was his son. He had tried to raise him following one of the most known principles of Kant: "Sapere aude", having the courage of using one’s intelligence. And Shogo did the rest. He was so proud of his son.

… He had fallen so hard for being so fond of him, it wasn’t even funny. Byakuran sighed but continued as if it was nothing. “Do you wanna go and have some desserts in that tea-shop, Shogo-kun. The Rooibos and black teas are delicious.”

…”Oya,” he whined, “a /little/ preparation…”

"You said you wanted it rough… Rough it is." He winked evilly.

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I want rough sex. Now.

"I supposed you were going to be the one. Prepare yourself then. Oh wait, it’s rough. Nope, don’t prepare it."

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Scorpio Stereotypes


1. Sexual
2. Possesive
3. Jealous
4. Mysterious
5. Intense
6. Controlling
7. Resentful
8. Resilent
9. Cautious
10. Humorous